Coronavirus Statement



At Fun Fest Holiday Club, we take health and safety seriously. In light of the current outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have put together some information, all of which is based on Public Health England advice. 


As the country moves to Step 4 of the roadmap, the government continues to manage the risk of serious illness from the spread of the virus. This marks a new phase in the government’s response to the pandemic, moving away from stringent restrictions on everyone’s day-to-day lives, towards advising people on how to protect themselves and others, alongside targeted interventions to reduce risk.


As COVID-19 becomes a virus that we learn to live with, there is now an imperative to reduce the disruption to children’s education – particularly given that the direct clinical risks to children are extremely low, and every adult has been offered a first vaccine and the opportunity for two doses by mid-September.


At Fun Fest Holiday Clubs, our priority is to deliver face-to-face, high quality experiences and childcare to all children. 


Fun Fest Holiday Clubs continue to put sensible and reasonable measures in place to ensure your children can continue to enjoy their holidays with us in a safe environment. We believe these measures should give parents the comfort and assurances you need to continue booking your children into Fun Fest Holiday Clubs. We have adopted the following special measures in response to the Coronavirus outbreak:


We are adopting the following good practice measures to minimise risk:

  • Well ventilated rooms
  • Good hand hygiene routines
  • Activities will be outside where possible
  • Minimise visitors to the setting
  • Thorough cleaning routines
  • Every club will have a supply of antibacterial hand-gel and encourage staff and children to use this regularly throughout the day.  


Lateral Flow Tests:

  • Staff will continue routine lateral flow testing twice per week before coming into the clubs.
  • There is no requirement for children to test routinely. However, parents are asked to remain vigilant and test children if they feel unwell or have any symptoms of coronavirus.


Social Distancing:

Social Distancing is not required from 19th July 2021. However at Fun Fest Holiday Clubs we will maintain small group sizes and consistency where possible to minimise impact of a coronavirus outbreak.


What we will do if someone develops symptoms at Fun Fest;

If anyone in our setting develops a new, continuous cough or a high temperature, or has a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia), they must be sent home and be advised to follow the following guidance for households with possible coronavirus: This sets out that they must take a lateral flow test and follow it up with a PCR test.


Test and Trace:

  • From Monday 19 July, Fun Fest Clubs will no longer trace close contacts – close contacts will still be identified via NHS Test and Trace 
  • Test and Trace will only require isolation of those in close and prolonged contact which will minimise the number of people isolating.
  • Children do not need to remain in a consistent group (‘bubble’)
  • Face coverings will no longer be advised for pupils, staff and visitors either in base rooms or in communal areas

For more information on self-isolation and test and trace please see the following guidance:


Outbreak Management Plan:

Every Fun Fest Holiday Club has an Outbreak Management Plan setting out how the actions they would take to deal with positive cases of Covid-19 from 19th July 2021.

The Outbreak Management plan sets out the following:

  • Contact numbers for reporting the incident (based on the local authority)
  • Responsible measures that will be taken
  • Procedures for informing close contacts
  • Testing of staff and children


The full guidance on the contingency management plan can be found here:


We will continue to monitor the situation closely and follow government advice. 


Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of all children and staff at our Holiday Clubs across the country is our top priority.


This policy was adopted on

Signed on behalf of Fun Fest Holiday Club


19th July 2021

S Beattie

November 2021