Fun Fest For Children offers a range of different childcare and children’s activity services across the UK:

A Rising Star of Franchising

Not only has Fun Fest for Children has been ranked as one of the UK’s top 100 franchisors, but it has been recognised as one of the rising stars of franchising, making it to position number 61.


Since it launched its national franchise programme in 2017, Fun Fest has achieved…


A UK-wide network: Over 25 operating units in the UK, spread from Chorley in the North to Orpington in the South


A unique USP of choice: All Fun Fest services are designed to be child-led, supporting children in their choices


Growth: 123% growth in revenue year on year


Customer Satisfaction: Net Promoter Score of 63


Franchisee Satisfaction: 82% franchisee satisfaction rating


Ofsted Approval: All services receiving ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ in their Ofsted inspections


Awards: Best Newcomer to franchising award in 2018 from WorkingMums




According to research, 2 out of 3 people have considered starting their own business.


Owning a franchise enables you to do this with a reduced level of risk and stress.


If you want to run your own business and are looking for an exciting and quality brand in a growth market which will earn fantastic returns for a flexible working life then consider a Fun Fest franchise.

Meet the Franchisor Team

To start your journey to becoming a Fun Fest franchisee please complete the enquiry form or book a 10 minute discovery session with a member of the Fun Fest team!

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The benefits of owning a franchise are:

-You trade under an established brand name, giving you a head start at building your business

– It has a track record of business performance, giving you confidence that the business is in demand and profitable

– The brand will have defined its customer base, unique selling proposition and brand values so you can understand why the business is successful and decide whether it appeals to you

– There is an operating system which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to set up and run the business, with tools to enable you to do this effectively and efficiently

– The franchisor provides training, support and advice on how to set up and run your business so you are not on your own

– There is a network of franchisees who run the same business across the country, providing support and interaction with other people in the same situation

– You benefit from reduced buying costs and funding options due to economies of scale across the operation

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Fun Fest provides franchisees with everything they require to set up and run their business effectively and efficiently.


A franchisee is granted ownership of a geographical territory within the UK, as defined by the postcodes in that region, where they are the sole Fun Fest operator.


The franchise agreement specifies the rights and obligations of the franchisor and the franchisee.



The Fun Fest franchise package includes:

  • Training
  • Operations Manual
  • Tool Kits of resources
  • Mentoring & Support
  • School/Setting finding service
  • Ofsted Licence
  • Digital Marketing Package
  • Website page, booking and information system

Next Steps

If you want to find out more about Fun Fest franchise opportunities then please enquire now as the first step towards choosing fun for a living

Please submit an enquiry form to receive a prospectus

  1. ENQUIRE: Get in touch with us by completing & submitting the enquiry form
  2. CALL: We will call you for a quick chat to find out more about you and what you are looking for
  3. INFO: We will then send you an information pack and relevant territory maps
  4. VISIT: We meet up and take you to see our clubs, nurseries or parties in action
  5. APPLY: If you are keen to join us then you apply to become a franchisee

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